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  Hangzhou Culture     
Hangzhou Culture

Hangzhou lies in the southeast coast of China. Located at the southern end of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, it is widely known for its beautiful landscape of West Lake. In the saying "Upper in heaven is the paradise, lower on the earth are Suzhou and Hangzhou", is expressed ancient and modern people's heartfelt admiration for this beautiful city. In Yuan Dynasty the famous Italian traveler Marco Polo referred to the city as "beyond dispute the finest and the noblest in the world". Nestled in three sides under the hills and clouds and opening her arms on one side to the city, West Lake has all the people under heaven yearn emotionally toward her, with her alluring natural scenery that is always like a charming beauty, whether plain or gaily decked out.
With a history of 2200 years, Hangzhou is also one of the seven ancient capitals in China. Its cultural attractions are equally colorful, with the whole city dotted with ancient courtyards, gardens, buildings, pavilions, pagodas, temples, springs, ravines, grottoes, and cliff inscriptions. Spectacular in myriad forms and alluring in thousands of flavors— pearl screens and jade belts, painted bridges under misty willows, the green hills and crystal streams, the city is especially famous for scenic spots like Linyin Temple, Liuhe Pagoda, Feilai Peak, Yue Fei Temple, Xiling Engraving Society, Dragon Well, and Hupao Spring. Truly, as one poet says "Jiangnan is forever in my memory, especially the memory of Hangzhou".

Tea is an important part of Hangzhou's economy and culture. Hangzhou is best known for originating Longjing, a notable variety of green tea, the most notable type being Xi Hu Long Jing. Known as the best type of Long Jing tea, Xi Hu Long Jing is grown near Xi Hu in Hangzhou, hence its name.
The local government of Hangzhou heavily invests in promoting tourism and the arts, with emphasis placed upon silk(丝绸) production, umbrellas(伞), and Chinese hand-held folding fans(扇子).
Hangzhou's local cuisine is often considered to be representative of Zhejiang provincial cuisine, which is claimed as one of China’s eight fundamental cuisines. The locally accepted consensus amongst Hangzhou's natives defines dishes prepared in this style to be "fresh, tender, soft, and smooth, with a mellow fragrance."
Dishes like West Lake Sour Fish(西湖醋鱼), Dongpo Pork(东坡肉), Longjing Shrimp(龙井虾仁), Jiaohua Young Chicken(叫花鸡), Steamed Rice and Pork Wrapped by Lotus Leaves(荷叶粉蒸肉), Braised Bamboo Shoots(油焖竹笋) and Lotus Root Pudding(藕粉) are some of the better-known examples of Hangzhou's regional cuisine.


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